In this project I had to put everything I have learned for reflexive verbs on a glog and add embed a voki into the glog.
I prefer to do the glogster and voki because it is easier to think of things to put and it doesn’t seem like an actual test. This project was fun and I enjoyed doing it for the most part. I also liked being able to decorate my glog and make it look pretty and fun while still doing an assignment.

Click here to view my glog

Nelson Cruz

This post is to inform people of Nelson Cruz, a famous baseball player who plays for the Texas Rangers.

Nelson Cruz es Dominican. Él juga béisbol por Texas Rangers. Él es 31. Nelson Cruz tiene castaño pelo. Él es ni alto ni bajo. Su pelo es corto. Él es callado y amable. También él es Señor Hugghins favorita.

Voki Project

The way I started to make my voki acount was I put my email and the password I wanted to use in the boxes. Then I clicked OK and a random avatar showed up on the screen. I clicked edit and started making my avatar. First, I picked clothes that would look like something I would wear, then I picked her hair, eyes, and bling. Then I clicked Done and my avatar was created!

For the most part I liked this project. It was pretty simple and kind of fun. I liked doing the voice so it could have my voice on it when she speaks. There really wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this project. It was fun and I had a good time doing it.

Hello world!

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